Concurrent Workshops

Pre-Conference Intensive

Presented by Dr. Jerry M. Carter, Jr.

Thursday, November 16

1 – 4 PM


Experiencing the Text – Ever wonder what would it be like to experience the rich dimensions of a passage of scripture by walking in the shoes of the characters - exploring what they see, hear, smell and feel? This pre-conference intensive is designed to immerse the preacher into the world of the text through a multi-sensory approach to scriptural exegesis and interpretation. 

This pre-conference intensive will be held in at Drew Theological School. Transportation will be provided from the Hyatt @ Headquarters Plaza in Morristown for conference registrants. A $100 registration fee applies; only 20 slots available on a first come, first served basis.

Concurrent Workshops

Friday @ 1:30 PM & Saturday @ 10:15 AM

A & D.  Structuring the Sermon – Did you know that the structure of your sermon affects the clarity of your communication? Participants in this seminar will explore theoretical and practical methods of structuring sermons that grab the listeners’ attention and facilitate application including establishing the pericope, interrogating the text and utilizing form and function criticism. 


B & E.     Effective Integration of Illustrations, Images & Metaphors - Sermon illustrations provide the lens through which the preacher may view and comprehend scripture. This seminar will aid participants in creating effective illustrations through the use of storytelling, metaphor, simile, textual contrasts and comparisons, as well as biblical cross references so that what seems abstract in the text becomes vividly alive in the mind of the hearer. 

C & F.     Mining for Meaning - Using exegetical tools and resources such as keyword searches, language origin assessment and biblical dictionaries and commentaries, participants will explore the important and practical ways in which they help the preacher derive meaning from scripture.